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Common maintenance methods for extrusion dies

Column:Industry News Time:2023-04-10
Common maintenance methods for extrusion dies

1. Temperature maintenance method: maintenance of the inlet temperature between the extrusion die cylinder and the section, the working temperature of the bearing bush, the inlet temperature of lubricating oil and sealing oil, and the oil temperature of the fuel tank.


2. Pressure maintenance method: maintaining the pressure at the entrance and exit of the extrusion die, maintaining the supply pressure of lubricating oil and sealing oil, maintaining the pressure of cooling water, etc.


3. Mechanical maintenance methods: extrusion die rotor shaft displacement, shaft vibration and rotor overspeed, etc.



Basic requirements for extrusion die disassembly:

1. It is necessary to understand the structure of the extrusion die and be familiar with the working principle.

2. Make a mark before disassembly. When the parts have requirements for the assembly position and angle, they can be assembled smoothly in the future.

3. The disassembly sequence is correct.

4. When dismantling the extrusion mold, appropriate tools should be selected, and uncivilized construction behaviors such as knocking and beating are prohibited.


Preparation before disassembly of the extrusion mold:

1. Master the operation of the extrusion die and prepare the required data and drawings.

2. Prepare maintenance tools, cranes, measuring tools, materials and accessories, and wear labor protection articles.

3. Cut off the connection between the extrusion die equipment and the power supply and the system, hang a warning sign on the power control box of the overhaul pump, and discharge the medium in the pump body, which needs to meet the overhaul conditions and equipment stability.

4. The maintenance personnel need to close the front and rear gate valves of the extrusion mold, and check whether the pressure gauge at the entrance and exit of the extrusion mold is faulty.

The dismantling method and sequence of the extrusion die:

In order to increase the speed, reduce the maintenance time, and determine the quality of the maintenance, it is necessary to pay attention to the sequence and method of disassembly. The disassembly sequence of the centrifugal pump is generally to disassemble the auxiliary equipment of the pump first, and then disassemble the parts of the pump body. Remove the outside first, then the inside.