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PVC Double-Pipe Production Line

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PVC Double-Pipe Production Line

Application & Suitable Scale:
PVC double-pipe extrusion line with conical twin-screw extruder as the host of different tube matching nose and the corresponding auxiliary mold formed, mainly for the production of pairs of root PVC pipe, mainly used in the production of PVC pipe to pipe , PVC pipes, electrical threading pipe.
This pipe line can produce many kind of pipes. Such as: Conduit pipe; Air delivery pipe; Threading pipe; Electrical wire jacker pipe; High precision and good interchangeability for the shaping machine and die head. 
The diameter of the extruded pipe is from φ 16-φ 110mm.It make full use of production line extruder extrusion capacity, production of small diameter pipe can reach very high quality, high production efficiency, the use of safe and convenient.

Main technical parameters:    
Produced Pipe Specification: φ16-φ40mm    
Production Line Speed: 0.5-10m/min    
Power: 52kw    
Total Length of Production Line: about 20m

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