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Plastic profile production line

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Plastic profile production line

PE/PP/PVC/ABS/PA  Profile Production Line has compact structure, good plastification,  high output, long life and other advantages. This line uses SJZ92  conical twin-screw extruder with AC motor, imported electronic  components and PT100 platinum resistance, which provide wide adjusting  range and precise temperature control.

The  down stream equipment includesvacuum calibration and cooling  unit,hauloff unit, cutting machine and stacker.The calibration unit is  equipped with large forced cooling system so that it can provide perfect  calibration effect.

The  haul-off unit uses two lines of caterpillar.The lower one is fixed and  the upper one can be adjusted according to the plate size.

The  cutting machine is equipped with PLC control system which helps to set  length and provide accurate automatic cutting. The stacker is covered  with rubber grip blocks to prevent products from damage.

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