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PE PP Wood Plastic Production Line

The wood plastic profile bar production line employs the specially-designed screw barrel, mould, extrusion processing technique to produce wood plastic products. Either single extruder two-stage mixing extrusion or two-stage extrusion after granulation can be adopted. It not only saves both electricity and space, but also has high productivity and stable extrusion pressure. The preheating charger mounted on the top of host machine can draw out most of the water from wood powder firstly, making the charging section of the host machine more enriched and the plasticization mixing quite excellent. The optimized screw design reduces the shearing force, unable to cut the wood fiber and making the stay of materials in barrel even. The screw barrel, made from duplex metal materials, is wear and corrosion resistant and has a long service life. 
It can produce PVC, PE and PP wood plastic profile bars with a strong material adaptability, mainly applied as trays, package plates, floors, outdoor decorative materials, etc. In addition, the wood powder has a high addition up to 50﹪~75﹪.

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