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PE,PP plastic building templates board production line

Cooperating with the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Changchun Institute of Polymer Research and Development, our company successfully researched PE plastic building templates extrusion unit which can manufacture shuttering for building .It is made of PE ,fly ash, calcium carbonate and other fillers which can replace steel templates and bamboo plastic sheet templates. Its advantages are as follows: low cost, light weight, continuous use 15 -30 times, Waste material can re-use. PE plastic building templates extrusion unit consists of single screw plastic extruder, vacuum automatic feeding machine, dehumidifiers drying hopper, sheets die, 3 roller-ray machine, check-heating devices, cold roll device, cutting edge device, traction, shearing device, roller conveyor device. With the characteristics of compact structure, superior performance, Screw deals with tube optimized design and use of high-performance alloy 38CrMoAiA professional processing which ensure that the plastic unit features homogeneous and stable extrusion, high yield, long life and other advantages. The barrel is made of casting aluminum tube heater heating, cooling wind, precise electronic temperature control instrument. We can adjust the shaping embossing device to make the sheet shaping well. Cutting part adopts fixed length device to ensure the precise length of sheet .

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