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PVC Window and Door Profile Production Line

PVC profile extrusion line is mainly applied in manufacturing PVC window and door profile, multi-hole pipe (4 holes, 6 holes, 7 holes, 9 holes), the line use different parallel or conical twin screw extruder depend on the product section size and mould, and assembled with vacuum calibration table, haul-off unit, cutter, stacker etc. The main extruders output varies from 150kg/h-450kg/h. The haul-off unit adopts the unique elevation technology which is specially designed by our company. The vacuum calibration table adopts special designed technology to enlarge the vortex cooling system to convenient cool the product and meet the high output product requirements. The haul-off and cutting speed is synchronized. All the moving adopts PLC computer control, it is reasonable designed, stable working, and can cut auto-measured. The line can adopt 4 meters, 6 meters, 8 meters, 11 meters vacuum calibration table according to the different mould.

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