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PET sheet extrusion line

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PET sheet extrusion line

The PET sheet production line which we company developed is compacte structure, large output, stable, reasonable device configuration and high degree of automation that can be used 100% PET sheet recycling material to product PET sheet; PET can be produced a variety of packaging products, which has good gas barrier property, without other added additives, pure health, with good toughness and ductility, and excellent recovery properties so it can be widely used in pharmaceutical, food appliances, toys and other kinds of packaging and the general printing industry. 

Extruder: Twin-screw extruders in parallel, high output, good plasticization, vacuum exhaust improved product quality, and can be processed a wide range of plastics; 

Metering pumps: Melt metering pump produced by heat-resistant alloy steel to ensure the pressure and flow of lysosomal stability;

Mold: Mold made of high quality alloy steel with high activity throttling device, so that made material flow well-distributed in the die; 

Traction: Cooling roller with large diameter, low-temperature, S-shaped discharge, increased cooling area, shortening the length of the production line, traction with rubber and steel rollers on the traction that the friction needed to ensure traction and ensures the quality of sheet surface. 

Corona Treatment: Remove surface static electricity, increasing surface tension to ensure print quality. 

Double Rolling: The two torque motor as power, gas up for the roll axis, respectively winding.

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